• Our New Family Photo Stream

    I’ve recently transitioned my family photo stream from a setup involving PhotoPrism hosted on Digital Ocean (costing around $60/month), to a solution employing AWS services. At Skillshare we’ve been using Lambdas more and more and I was looking for a way to utilize them on my personal projects.

  • My Spiritual Path

    Growing up, I always felt a deep connection to my Catholic faith and aspired to become a priest. I was enamored with the pageantry, ritual, and sense of community that Catholicism provided. However, as I delved deeper into my faith, I encountered some fundamental questions that weren’t adequately addressed. I sought answers from books on Catholic apologetics and leaders in my church community, the more I read and explored the stronger my doubts grew.

  • Roe v. Wade

    On Halloween this year, Clare came halfway down the stairs holding a pregnancy test, looked at me sitting on the couch, and said, “It’s positive.”

  • The End of Roe

    I grew up in a very pro-life household.

  • Abolish the Police?

    What I Got Wrong About Police Abolition

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